Let Your Inner DIVA Emerge

Leslie Ungar of Electric Impulse Communications was recently interviewed and shared 7 ways women get in their own way of letting out their inner diva.  I invite you to listen to the entire interview but there were a few highlights that I wanted to focus on.

First – the word DIVA can be a little grating on the nerves of today’s business woman, but Leslie explains her definition of a DIVA:

“Although a Diva is often irritating, she can’t be done without.”

She goes on to share her own personal example by saying that her family often believes her to be annoying but never boring. She emphasizes that we should all want to be that person that “other’s cannot do without.”

Ungar says that although we might believe men, tradition and glass ceilings keep women from being successful in business that often times we are our own worst enemy. Of the seven ways we hold back our success, one of the ways is that we don’t ask enough questions.

“Women feel that asking questions means we don’t know something or we aren’t smart enough,” Ungar says. But in reality, asking questions in meetings, boardrooms, hallway conversations or via email is actually how we become visible.

“Asking questions gives us visibility,” says Ungar. And we want to be visible. 

We need to have a voice in our business life and one of the ways is by speaking up for clarification, understanding and purpose. When we ask questions, we learn, and when we understand clearly, we can then voice our opinions. 

We may even ask questions we know the answer to so that we can clarify the point for the rest of the audience or to validate that we understand the true meaning.

When we keep silent, we are left with only a piece of the information and in some cases, it may not even be the RIGHT piece. 

Is your inner Diva under wraps? Are you the force keeping you from success? Listen to the entire interview with Leslie Ungar to learn more about how we can communicate our knowledge, value and why we are a “person that cannot be done without.”

Image courtesy of Diva Quotes on Pinterest