Learning to Ask for Help

This past week I had a minor catastrophe occur.  This site simply disappeared.  When you went to visit PurposefulWoman.com or click through to any of the past articles from our Facebook page you found a full page ad stating:


My heart stopped for just a moment.  Fleeting thoughts of all of the work and articles I’d written over the past year flashed before my eyes.  Not only that – but I had just successfully connected with Erica Jong in hopes that she would review an advanced copy of A Working Woman’s GPS: when the plan to have it all has led you astray and the site was gone.

Here is when surrounding yourself with talented people, that each have a certain expertise, comes in handy.

As working women, business women with successful careers trying to make a difference, we often live under the misconception that we have to know how to do it all. We have to have all the answers. After all, our significant others, parents and children all look to us for guidance and for the answers.  Shouldn’t we serve the same role in our career?

If you look at the most successful people through history, men and women, you will find that they had a circle of people they depended upon for the areas in their life where they were a little weak. As working mothers we may have someone who cleans our home or cares for our children or runs errands or walks the dog. We may have neighbor friends that we share a car pool or people we turn to to help with some of the home or car repairs.

I am blessed to have a great team of people that each serve a different role and this past week I added a new person to that team. Crystal Pirri was recommended to me by another person on my team and she was there at eight in the evening to help me with my website issue and in a matter of an hour, the problem was fixed and the site was active and restored.  No worse for the wear.

It can be humbling to ask for help, but when we learn that there is no shame in admitting that we are not “all knowing” – we free ourselves up to focus on what we do know, what we do well and then partner with others to complete our circle of influence.

Has there been a time when you didn’t ask for help that in hinsight you realize you would have saved time and stress had to you just reached out and asked for assistance?