Leadership Pitfalls Women Must Avoid

The other day I found an article entitled the 7 Ways Women Damage their Leadership by Margaret Feinberg. For each one of the missteps I could either nod my head, as having been guilty of it, or relate because I’ve seen other women fall into the same trap.

Pitfalls like blaming the fact that you are a women on why you can’t succeed, or trying to deny the fact that you are a woman and act as a man might. But the one that I thought would resonate with our community of Purposeful Women is this:

Try to become superwoman. Sometimes as a leader, regardless of gender, we try to do too much. This is particularly true when we find ourselves delegating assignments and then taking them back as we find they would’ve turned out better if we did them ourselves. After holding onto responsibilities for so long, we find our fingers have forgotten how to let go.

Does that sound familiar to you?

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