Keep it Simple Sister

Why do we make things so complicated? Juggling home, family, career and our own goals is not only overwhelming it can be suffocating. How do we eat the elephant? One bite at a time and yet here we are trying to stuff the entire animal all at once. And we wonder why we are stressed and have trouble sleeping.

I recently came across a rather old yet interesting article on Keeping it Simple that outlines five tips from Simplicity guru Elaine St. James:

1. It’s about time. Gaining control over our life requires that we examine how we spend our time and make sure that it is efficient and also purposeful.

2. Less is more. Sometimes I want to smack my forehead and say “Well, duh,” and yet we do get caught up on activities – taking on more and more. Make sure you read my ebook Before you Say Yes – it will definitely help you simplify your time.

3. Just say no. Refer back to my ebook. 🙂

4. Possessions are 9/10 of the problem. I love this tip – and it is so true. We are caught up in our desire to have it all. At the end of the day, did we really need it?

5. What really matters is…what really matters. First you have to determine what that is and then you have to set a course to achieve it.

How simple is your life? What can you do to simplify your day?