Katie the Carlady Takes the Uncertainty Out of Car Buying for Women

The television commercials are loaded with ads trying to entice you to come in and buy a car before the end of the year. A few sites are even offering to  help you sort through the information to help make the buying decision easier.

But the fact remains, that although men and women are equal, there is something mysterious and stressful about being a woman shopping for a car. Since we were young, it seemed that buying a car required a special language and art of negotiation; skills only men possessed. Why is that?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Katie O’Toole Smith. Katie the Carlady is a purposeful woman on a mission! She is passionate about educating, advocating and empowering women in an industry, automobiles, which can be riddled with uncertainty, dishonesty and exhaustion. 

Listen to our interview – great tips on how to prepare for your purchase:

Katie the Carlady started out as a single mom needing to put food on the table and pay the rent working at a small leasing company. She began to learn that there was a need for women in auto business. Her motivation was not to change the world at the time, but just to take care of her daughter. The journey has been incredible. I have recently started speaking to groups educating on the process and answering the questions that most dealers will not tell you or don’t know! 

Katie has been in the auto industry leasing and selling cars for 19 years. She handle everything from setting up test drives, handling all the financing to setting up Bluetooth and delivering the car. Katie loves to work with consumers especially women who do not like the process of going to a dealer. There is so much information out there. She likes to break it down and help consumers understand and find the right car for their needs. 

Websites Katie Recommends:
www.women-drivers.com – It has good info and when I reached out to the woman who owns the company, she was so reachable and responded. It gives reviews of cars and some great tips! 
http://www.safercar.gov/ — great sight for checking safety ratings
www.annualcreditreport.com — great sight to get a free copy of your credit bureau

Katie the Carlady works for a family owned business Diamond Auto lease and Sales. We have a small used car showroom and are brokers on new cars.