Jump Start Your Day

sunriseDo you ever have a hard time getting out of bed? Is your pillow calling you?  Do you feeling like pulling the covers up and avoiding the roller coaster of your life?

When I lost my way, I had to force myself to get out of bed in the morning. Even though I realized that being late to work would turn my day upside down, it didn’t seem to faze me.

Morning Mirror: Who Is Looking Back at You? 

Some days I desperately wanted to go anywhere else than to the meetings and commitments I had scheduled—somewhere more important and productive where I could contribute more solutions to more interesting problems. I kept hitting the snooze button; I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed, let alone leap out of bed, glad to be alive.

Once I did stumble out of bed, I had trouble mustering the energy to pull together a coordinated outfit and wash and style my hair. When I looked in the mirror, I hardly recognized the person staring back at me. Who was she? And where had all her passion and energy gone? Where was the go-getter I once knew? Where was the person who had energy to spare? Staring back at me was a woman who didn’t have the energy, the passion, or the momentum to live her best life.

It took me some time to realize that starting my day like this was not going to catapult me to a life of inspiration. I had to work on myself and evaluate the life I had created through my choices.

How could I turn my life and my mornings around?

Whether or not you’re a ‘morning’ person, morning energy is a great predictor of how the day is apt to go. A strong energy pulse in the morning is likely to predict a wonderfully engaging day. You wake up glad to be alive, grateful that you are in the world, that you have people you love deeply, including yourself. You have a job that fulfills you, and you are contributing to this world in some way that also fulfills you. Strong pulse people often start the day alone, with a few moments to themselves because they understand that taking care of themselves helps them care for their families and their work; they have energy that lasts all day.

Weak pulse people might need some emergency interventions! By waking up with a weak pulse, you awake exhausted, bored, without energy, and often complaining. You never wake thinking, “I appreciate being alive today.” You’re unmotivated and sluggish from the get-go; it’s unlikely that you eat a healthy breakfast or have a regular exercise schedule. You may feel that you’re missing something from your life, fantasizing that if you found that someone or something you might change and become happy. We already have what we need; that needing something or someone else is a lie we tell ourselves. The truth is: We have everything we need to rescue ourselves.

If you know your morning energy level, you can use that information to take your morning energy pulse, thereby gaining some understanding of whether you are temporarily stuck or moving along well on your journey. Knowledge is power.

  • What gets you out of bed? (you, the alarm, your partner, kids, work, job, pet)
  • How do you feel when you get going in the morning? (exhilarated, excited, exhausted, discouraged, worried)
  • What parts of your day excite you? (every part, only when I get home, only when I fall into bed, nothing about the day excites me)
  • When was the last time you were excited to start the day? (this morning, last week, last year, can’t remember)

If you have a weak energy pulse, it’s important to find one or more sources that provide the energy you need to start your day on a positive, uplifting note. Doing so will change your day, I promise. Below are a few suggestions. Try at least one, even if you don’t feel like it:

  • Spend some time alone in silence or create positive conversation with the people around you;
  • Start your day with something you enjoy;
  • Get your heart pumping with fifteen minutes doing yoga, jumping jacks, walking, or bike riding;
  • Contribute something positive to online groups;
  • Read something you want to learn more about; and
  • Eat a good breakfast.

Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. ~Og Mandino

working womans gpsFor more suggestions about starting your day and getting back on the path of your journey for success, check out my book The Working Woman’s GPS: When the Plan to Have it All Has Led You Astray.