It is Easier to Praise Others Than to Look in the Mirror and See a Purposeful Woman

We launched a Purposeful Woman contest at the beginning of this month in which readers were asked to share the story of how they inspire, encourage and help others. Amazingly enough, no one has stepped forward to share their story.

Now, maybe there is a reluctance to be first, but when you consider the top prize is a $100 Amazon gift card for you and an equal dollar amount donated to a charity of your choice, you would think someone would step up to the plate.

However, over the last ten days as I have been telling people about this contest, the feedback has been overwhelmingly similar.

“Oh, I don’t do anything special. Certainly nothing I would want to write about. It would sound like bragging.”

My follow up question is “Well, do you know someone else who is inspiring?’  And the answer is a quicker-than-lightning – YES.  Oh, absolutely. As they begin to talk about these other women, these women deemed to be more purposeful than themselves, I realized – we just don’t get it. They are describing themselves.

It is often the ones doing the most, helping the biggest, providing the most value that sluff it off as just part of their day.


To that end, we’d like to open up the contest to stories that you share about someone else. If you aren’t comfortable writing about YOU, then share the story of someone in your circle of influence who you admire. The rest of the contest parameters are the same – share your story or the story of someone else on the Purposeful Woman Facebook fan page. Invite friends and family to come and “like” your story. 

The bottom line- we’d like to hear some of the amazing things women are doing; in their career, their community and their family. We learn the best from minicing what others have done. 

Questions – leave a comment here or on Facebook.  The hunt for Purposeful Women stories continues until April 30.