Is Fear Holding You Back?

Over the years I have encountered women who are on the cusp of greatness and yet they hesitate. I have also met women in negative, even harmful circumstances who resist making a change.

“What if I fail?,” they ask.

“What if the change is worse that what I have currently?”

And then the question that has often baffled me : “What if I am a success?”

 Change brings new order to our lives. Whether it is something simple like changing our hair style or monumental like changing careers or moving to a new state; with change comes some element of fear. In the book The Goddess of Happiness, I found a chapter called Rise Above Fear. The author, Debbie Gisonni acknowledges that we all experience fear but it is when fear holds you captive and keeps you from living your best life that you need to take control and rise above.

Debbie offers Five Ways to Rise Above Fear:

  1. Learn not to worry about things you can’t control or things that might happen.
  2. Detach yourself from the negative emotional hype of media news, or don’t watch it.
  3. If you feel threatened in any relationship, leave or seek help.
  4. Visualize yourself bathed in protective white light wherever you go.
  5. Remember there are two sides to every story – find the positive one.

Is fear keeping you from making a change in your life? What are you afraid of? When I talk to those women who are afraid of being successful, their fear is often the change that might happen in their personal life. Will they still have time for their children? Will they be able to handle the additional responsibilities? What if they fail?

Bobbi Emei has some practical advice for those trying to overcome fear in her article 4 Ideas for Dealing with Fear of Failure.   Bobbie says that learning from our failures can often times lead us to success. So perhaps even the worst case scenerio can lead us to something new and different.

Have you been in a position where fear held you back from trying something new or making a change in your life? How did you move forward? What lessons did you learn?

Click here for scripture and a prayer to help you with your fears from Mary Fairchild.

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