Introducing Women on a Mission – Interview Series

There are so many stories; so many women with a passion and purpose – Women on a Mission – and I am introducing a new series of interviews that will capture some of those stories.

Melanie Firmani, Celebrate Caregivers, has a great story to tell about her passion for giving back. A single mom of four children, she has been a caregiver for most of her life and shares her stories in my recent Skpe interview.

Do you have a mission that you’d like to share?

We are currently putting together a schedule for the first series of 15 minute interviews. If you have a story – a mission to tell about – and have access to using Skpe video – we’d like to learn more.

Please email me directly at or leave a message on our Facebook wall.

Our focus on this website has frequently been about empowering women, women in leadership, women carving out a path for their own best journey and the best way we forge ahead is often by hearing the stories of others. We learn from each other and I am introducing the Women on a Mission Interview Series as a great place to learn and share.

I look forward to hearing from you.