Inspiring Women: The Mary Waldon Show

Mary Waldon, LCSW

There is a new online radio, The Mary Waldon Show, that I wanted to bring to your attention. Host Mary Waldon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is using this new platform to interview women and learn more about their inspiring stories.

The first episode features an hour long discussion on the rich relationship between mothers and daughters. It is a unique connection and Mary spends the show talking with Susan Shapiro Barash. Susan is an established writer of nonfiction women’s issue books and has authored twelve books, including the ultra-popular You’re Grounded Forever, but First Let’s Go Shopping and the recently published The Nine Phases of Marriage:How to Make It, Break It, Keep It.

Raising and Empowering Young Women, Mind, Body, and Spirit

Each week on Tuesday mornings, 10am est. Mary will be talking with mental health professionals, authors, artists, academics, and successful women with a story to share.

To listen to the first episode, click here.