Innovation Olympiad Offers Tech Challenge for Young Women

I was thrilled to be invited by my friends at OneCommunity, Case Western Reserve University and BlueBridge Networks this weekend as  local girls were given a chance to bring forth their ideas on technology, innovation and collaboration.

I led a Women in Technology panel with the fabulous women below that shared their stories with young women, ages 13-18, on how they have used technology to change the world. ·      

·         Nichelle McCall, CEO, BoldGuidance

·         Stephanie Takai, CEO, Innovative Devices Inc.

·         Rachel Wilkens Patel, Founder, HER Ideas in Motion

This is part of the Cisco’s “IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge.”

In order to raise awareness of the Global Competition, OneCommunity, CWRU and other community partners, want to give local girls a chance to bring forth their ideas, and collaborate, at the local level in the Cleveland Young Women’s IoT Innovation Olympiad.  Young women participated in different communities to brainstorm and collaborate on their ideas to win local prizes.

At this Olympiad, girls interested in science, technology and engineering learned new approaches, ideas and career paths, as well as had an opportunity to meet each other and other women like myself.

If you are interested in learning more for your daughters, nieces, granddaughter and young women in your life, check out Cisco’s websites, blogs and video by searching on: Cisco’s “IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge