INDIVISION2000 Productions has partnered with Wonder Women Hacks

HACK has gotten a bad rap as a word. Hack has meant – breaking into – stealing – infection.

Let’s erase that negative connection from your mind and replace it with the modern day collaboration definition. A HACK day is the time when people from around the global and across multiple discplines get together to brainstorm ideas for the purpose of unearthing solutions to problems.

I am extremely excited to be participating in the first ever Wonder Women Hacks day May 19 (the event is actually over two days May 19/20) to virtually share my expertise in technology.

Wonder Women Hacks is a two day hackathon for visionary women, teens and men who are passionate about the ever changing needs of women across the planet. It will be held with the California Women’s Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center (Long Beach, California) on May 19th and 20th. 

From their press release the purpose and expectations of the Wonder Woman Hack Day is as follows:

The Hackathon will be made up of primarily women and teen techies, programmers, developers, STEM students, graphic designers and creative visionaries gathered in one place to build solutions toward helping empower women around the globe.

That one place is at — the California Women’s Conference (CWC – Long Beach Convention Center), the nation’s largest women’s conference attracting over 17,000/100,000 physical/virtual attendees, to offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the personal and professional development of women everywhere. Wonder Women Hacks will be the first women’s hackathon to be a part of the CWC in its 30-year existence!

This inaugural WonderWomen Hacks Hackathon will explore and engage in five fundamental elements of a balanced life that are essential to women. Hackers will develop technology solutions that will solve challenges in the five following areas:

  • CAREER LIFE: How can women manage their time better?  
  • SOCIAL LIFE: How can women enjoy a fulfilled and balanced social life?  
  • FINANCIAL LIFE: How can women discover opportunities to experience financial success?
  • PHYSICAL LIFE: How can women live a healthy and nutritionally balanced life
  • COMMUNITY LIFE: How can women connect with and build prosperous communities?

If you are interested in learning more visit to learn more about the event, the sponsors, key note speakers and how you can get involved!