Indelible Impressions with TeeMcBee

Earlier this month I had the privilege of spending time with Traci McBride of Indelible Impressions. We spent about 30 minutes talking about some of the challenges working women face everyday.  You don’t have to receive a paycheck to be considered a working woman. Across the board, women today are faced with challenges that tend to put themselves on the back burner.  So how can we all give ourselves permission to be a priority?

One way is by assessing our talents and what we are passionate about and finding ways to offer value within our community or in local charity organizations that are important to us.  I talk a little bit about that in this short clip:


Another way we can help make ourselves a priority and ensure we are supported and surrounded by positive thoughts and positive people is by assessing those we have in our daily network of people.  Are the people you spend time with positive or complainers? Do they look for solutions or only see the problems?  In this clip I talk about a woman I’ve mentored over the last year who made a decision to be more positive in her daily outlook on life:



See the entire 30 min show at

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