If You Build It They Will Come

field of sunflowers - countryside in Italy

Field of Sunflowers in Italy

Corny reference to the movie Field of Dreams, however, I have found it to be true. If you are looking for something and don’t find it – make your own.

Recently, a member of the Tech Savvy Women LinkedIn Group asked about how and why I started the LinkedIn Group.  My response?

As a working woman and mom of two, networking has to have multiple benefits to get me to attend.  Since I was unable to find the right combination of women, topics and wine, I created a group on Linkedin called Tech Savvy Women that held quarterly in-person meetings somewhere with wine.  It started with a handful of women and now is over 800 women across two cities, Cleveland and Columbus, Oh.

We leverage Linkedin to stay connected, share ideas; post jobs and then 30-50 get together to network in person.  Women say it is great because the conversation is effective, the events are helpful to their career and the wine is also needed. 

It was featured at Cleveland Business Connect. In addition to this I also have initiatives that advance me and other women:
An online blog (Purposeful Woman), and
A guide for women (A Working Woman’s GPS, When the Plan to Have it All Led You Astray).
Many of these initiatives, although time consuming, are my energy sources that play to my natural assets which makes them more of a catalyst for my personal and professional growth.

With that thought in mind – what have you looked for that you couldn’t find? A group? An event? A charity? A product? If you are looking for it, chances are, so are other people.  And just like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come.