If We Want a Seat at the Table – We Need to Take It

In a recent article from Blue Steps entitled What Does the Future Hold for Executive Women in the Workplace, the stats still show a gross under representation of women in executive positions.

There are all sorts of studies and discussions, articles, Ted talks and white papers written about how men still “rule the boardroom” even though women led companies are proven to out perform those of their male counterparts.  Yet the needle isn’t moving.

Well, perhaps we just need to stand up and be counted on our own.

Rather than wait for some great transition to occur, it is going to get a movement; reminiscent of the sixties bra burning to make some changes.

How many times can we hold a magnifying glass to the situation, tsk-tsk our disapproval and finger point the good ol’ boys club before we take the bull by the horns and DO SOMETHING.

If you want to sit at the table then you are going to have to march over to a chair –

pull it out and plop yourself down.

Whether that means standing up and letting your boss know you want to be promoted, finding a mentor to help nurture your professional style, networking in your industry or gaining additional education to make you a viable choice – it is going to come down to each one of us as individual business woman to make the difference.

If a chef came into your office today with a plate of incredible chocolate eclairs and said “I have four desserts here, who would like one?” Who do you think will get the yummy treat?

The woman in the back of the room who works the hardest, is the most dependable, is well respected and take pride in her work but doesn’t raise her hand or stand up or walk up and say ‘yes please.’

Or will it be the man who does average work, just enough to get by but walks up to the chef, take a treat and shoves it in his mouth?

Come on – it is time for a battle cry. But not just a whining, ain’t that a shame complaint but a Braveheart – war paint on our faces – screaming message that inspires and leads business women to action: They Will Never Take Our Freedom – Or Our Place at the Table!