How to Stay Motivated and Keep our New Year’s Resolutions

There are tons of articles about making and keeping new year’s resolutions or even about the value of making them at all. I thought I would weight in on the subject.

The new year is a clean slate – it really is the perfect opportunity to assess and readdress those things in our life that are most important. 

So I have put together a list of ways to stay motivated this year to help keep your mind and actions focused on what matters most to you:

1.       Have goals that matter – make it impactful to you or the people around you, so that you energize yourself in the process of achieving this resolution.

2.       Be Smart & Specific – being specific on your resolutions but also be sure your resolutions are attainable so you do not lose momentum early and quit all together.

3.       Ask others to help – by sharing your resolutions, it not only makes many feel obligated when others are aware of their commitments but take it a step further and ask others to check in on your progress or even help you reach your goals

4.       Create Mini-Milestones – some resolutions take time (since it does often take 21 days to break a habit) so create ways to identify and celebrate mini-milestones, for example if you are working to cut down your calories or stop smoking and make it through the day, find ways to incentivize yourself by day, week and month

5.       Have a plan if you experience a detour – if you fall away from your resolution or have a relapse, be sure you are kind to yourself and prepared to get back on track. Example – there are 21 meals in a week; if you splurge during lunch today remember that there are 20 more meals in the week. Just one meal doesn’t make or break a plan.

6.       Link your resolution to a cause – if you are looking to exercise more, sign-up to participate in a walk or run for a cause that is important to you.  In fact, you could stretch beyond your comfort zone training for a long event.  I know many that have even signed up for the larger events that carry through an entire weekend. Think about preparing for the 60 mile Susan G Komen Walk for Cancer that happens in the fall.

7.       Post notes or pictures. Posting pictures around your commonly used areas serves to remind your why it’s important to you – little reminders that keep your goals on the forefront are always helpful.

8.       Prepare for success – visualize how your life will be different when you achieve your resolution and if you want plan how you will celebrate your achievement.

It is YOUR new year. Make it what you want it. If today were December 31, 2014 – what will you be looking back on this year and praising?