How to Start Your Day to Maximize Productivity

Dale Patridge has written a really great article offering 5 Steps to an INSANELY Productive Morning. The image above gives a short snapshot of the article.

His Step One begins the night before by writing a list of the tasks necessary for the following day. He gets a good nights sleep, exercises and eats healthy. He rewards his little successes and takes time for himself. He minimizes the use of technology and tackles the most challenge job before breakfast.

He ends his day at 6pm no exceptions.

His list is specific and easily incorporated into a working plan to be more productive.


It isn’t until he ends his day at 6pm- no exceptions – that he mentions making time for his wife and child.

How many of you Purposeful Woman have that luxury? I delegate a lot in my life, but there are somethings only a parent can do. So where does the parenting come into this idea of an INSANELY productive morning?

Whether you work at home or in an office, how many have the luxury of waiting for a healthy breakfast until your first work task is complete? By the time we even think about the first work task, we have to get the kids up, dressed, fed, out the door, not to mention our significant other. Shower, dress all the while keeping one eye on email and phone messages for anything urgent that can’t wait until we get in the office.

Wait for breakfast? How many of you are eating your bagel as your drive the kids to school and yourself to the office?

The idea of Dale’s list is a good one. Have a plan. sticking to the plan, creating opportunities for little rewards throughout the day and leaving work behind in the evenings so you can focus on your family.  All good stuff.

The only exception is that frequently a Purposeful Woman has to add some reality checks into  that list of 5 steps.

The best part of his article is his closing statement:

Productivity without healthy relationships is nothing. Success at work without a strong home life is nothing. Let your time be used for great things, but never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Right on!