How to Prepare for an Interview

I was recently interviewed on Good Company where the discussion was preparing for an interview – even before you get an interview. Competition is tough and hopefully this video will help you prepare for the conversation and be the best candidate for the job opening.
Additionally, how do you leverage social media to find the right job for you?

  •  Follow companies you are interested in working with:

◦Linkedin – Company Pages
◦Facebook – Fan Pages

  • Updated your profile

◦Make sure your Linkedin Profile is up-to-date since this is a common stop for recruiters
◦Be honest and relevant to the role you desire

  • Ask for References

◦Ask people who have worked with you to add a recommnedation to your Linkedin Profile
◦Take the guess work out, this helps recruiter understand how others perceive your work

  • Post relevant data in “what’s on your mind”

◦Read articles that relate to the job you desire, post on your profile & comment on it
◦Help your ranking, as recruiter are looking for candidates with specific knowledge

  • Join related online groups

◦To stay abreast of current topics and key players in your desired industry
◦Participate in the conversation with relevant comment to help your online brand & relevant ranking on a topic

  • Ask your network to help

◦Leverage social media to connect to new people through existing contacts or through group interactions
◦Ask your network about potential companies or ask them to position you for a desired position

Final note:  Take the time to write a hand written thank you note after an interview!