How Often Do You Say “I should…”

Living our lives by what we should or shouldn’t do can be limiting. Shoulds have emotion attached to them. Shoulds are connected with the inner voice reminding us of other’s priorities, expectations or vision.

Lisa Marie Jenkins asks the question “What if every time you said ‘I should,” you actually did?”

An interesting question.  She suggests that the phrase “I should” be a yield sign – a moment in which we pause and examine what we are referring to. Does the tasks connect with our higher goals in life or is it something imposed upon us by others. It is something we truly believe in, enjoy or want to do, or is it something someone else has told us is a priority, based on their own understanding of what is what?

However, Lisa Marie is also challenging us to follow through when we say “I should.” As you sit at your desk and think of the things you SHOULD do; how many of them will get done?

  • I should eat healthy
  • I should drink more water
  • I should exercise
  • I should avoid the shoe sale because I’m saving for a new car
  • I should teach my children how to do the laundry
  • I should ask for help on this project

The list goes on an on. So when you find yourself saying “I should…” do you stop to examine what you are talking about? What step are you on for the task in question. Check out this cartoon:



Lisa Marie gives us some additional clarification on how to handle the “I shoulds…” of our day:

So, every time you say, “I should …”, let that be your queue to pause, check in and see if this is a guide post attempting to direct you towards action that is alignment with your highest intention. Living in alignment will offer you clarity around what exactly to let go of, in order to make room for actions that support what you most desire.

The definitions below to assist you in creating alignment to achieve your dreams and goals:

INTENTION – To aim, guide, or navigate your life.
INTEGRITY – To be whole and complete.
PURPOSE – Your true essence; who you are passionate about being.
DREAMS – What you want, the life you desire; it’s the actual doing.
BELIEFS – What you hold to be true for yourself, not facts.

Dream on and Dream BIG. Don’t hold back.  Let life inspire you. Take Action.