How Do Your Expectations Impact Your Workload?

I just received a funny, yet oh so true, email from a fan who is reading my new book

 . . . .”Sometimes I look at my husband sitting in his chair, laptop in hand, while I am having three conversations with our three little girls and I wonder how he can be so blinded to the fact that all of this is happening all around him.  Messy house, empty backpacks, laundry, dishes, bills, etc.  Even the things that are “his” territory (lawn, home repair), he doesn’t have time for so I end up having to schedule them done.  I see burn-out in my future. What am I doing wrong? “

I’m not sure  A Working Woman’s GPS: When the Plan to Have it All Leads You Astray has all the answers. In Chapter Six, there is an exercise to help you evaluate the people in your life, how they make you feel, the energy they exude and how supportive they are of you and your choices.  It is a powerful and in some ways, surprising exercise.  It is then followed by additional exercises that evaluate your current choices, activites, risks and dreams.

These exercises will help how you view your choices and your expectations of those around you.  I find expectations can often set the tone in many of your relationship. 

What expectations (professional and personal) do you have and are they realistic, overlooked or extraneous?  How are they impacting your daily demands?