How Do You Use Your Energy?

Positive Energy = Happy Feet!

I shared a clip from my recent visit on TeeMcBee’s show and talked about the importance of being around positive people. Here is another thought to ponder from Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, founders of The Power of Nice and authors of a book by the same name:

There is a finite amount of energy each of us has to expend every day. So how do you want to use that energy – perfecting your game or trying to tear down someone else’s?

Every time you get into the ring with an adversary, you are taking your eye off the prize. Spending all your time fighting with someone is the quckest way to lose business, because you are no longer trying to build something up. You’re expending your energy tearing someone down. It’s exhausting and it leads nowhere.

There are people in our lives that we enjoy being around and others that seem to be exhausting. I believe this explanation from the Power of Nice explains why. If we spend time everyday with people who fight with us or put us on the defensive and make us feel like we have to fight back – we aren’t moving in a positive direction.

In business we are frequently encountering people who are adversarily and sometimes it is avoidable. So how do you bring those people around to the positive light? Linda and Robin offer this suggestion:

Think of a person who irritates you the most. Then try to find something genuinely nice to say about him/her. Offer this compliment the next time you see him/her. Repeat with the person who irritates you the second most, third most, and so on.

The old phrase “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is a great metaphor.

So who will you try this on? A co-worker? Boss? Significant other? Parent? Give it a try and share your results on our Facebook page.