Hiring and Promoting Purposeful Women

I was recently asked what traits I look for when hiring a new team member or promoting from within. I have long ago learned that taking the time to hire well rather than hiring quickly, creates a strong, cohesive team.

Aside from the obvious skills and experience needed to successfully execute the job requirements, I look for the following in a strong candidate:

  • A good problem solver
  • Demonstrates and understands Emotional Intelligence
  • Strives to find a win-win situation for the parties involved
  • Asks good questions that show they are think more about how we will get there rather than how we got here
  • Aspires for more in their life
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude

As you read through the traits you’ll notice that they cross all industries. Regardless of whether you are in retail, education, technology, service or corporate work; these traits will serve you well.

Here is a quick equation that will help you remember:

Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

To help you further, here is an article from Forbes about the worst mistakes women make in interviews. You’ll want to avoid these.

ExecStyle provides a PDF ebook on dressing successful for an interview. Although this was written a few years ago, the basics still apply. Check out the Women’s Interview Dress Etiquette.

The website Women for Hire also offers an Interviewing 101 for Women guideline that is worth checking out.