Having it All – Mapping Out Your Journey

You know how it feels to come to “the end” of a project or journey.  When I typed those 2 words on the last page of The Working Woman’s GPS it was exhilarating with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  However, it left me wanting to know even more.

After a short break, I was right back at researching, interviewing and learning more about today’s career woman because what I learned through the inventories included in the book is that this type of activity generates energy within. I am fascinated by what business women want. Do they really still want to have it all and if so…just what does that mean?

J.Sewell Perkins is a Life and Business Development Coach and an acclaimed Marketing Strategist and recently wrote the article You Can Have it All When You Believe You Can. The article is about visualisation and she shares an interesting story that helps bring that idea to life, however, early on in the article she says sometime profound. Before you can have it all, you first have to decide what that means:

You must first know what it is you’re searching for. Yeah, I know: Wealth – Freedom – Lifestyle, success, abundance, and they’re all worthy quests but what do they mean? I’m not looking for Webster’s definition but rather what they mean to you. In order to manifest (bring into your life) anything, you must first know what it is. It’s necessary to have an absolute and clear picture in your mind of specifically what it is you want. To approach your quest to have it all in any other way is the same as packing your car for a motor trip, filling the tank and taking off with no idea where you want to go.

I love her travel analogy. You have to map out your journey before you begin. What is the final destination? What stops do you hope to make along the way? Who do you plan to meet? What do you plan to learn? Who will join you in the process?

If you were to create an AAA Travel TripTik of the journey to your life’s happiness – what would it look like?