Having It All Isn’t a One Size Fits All Plan

We talk a lot about having it all here on Purposeful Woman.

What does your best life look like?

My tip for you today in the following video boils down to this…create your own best life. A life that makes you sing. It won’t be my best life, or your neighbor’s best life or the best life of your mother or grandmother – it is YOUR best life. What does that life look like?

Now here is your challenge for the day:

Think of ONE THING you could do to help you on the journey to creating that best life. Is it deciding to read the NY Times every morning? Sign up for cello lessons or tap dancing? Is it volunteering at the soup kitchen once a month and helping to serve meals? Singing in your church choir? Taking a cruise?

Think of one thing you’d like to be part of your life and then do something to make it happen. Go online and do a little research. Go to your local library for assistance. The journey to your best life starts with the first step. What will your first step be?