Great Tips for CIOs and IT Thought Leaders

I had the pleasure of contributing to a great article offering six tips for CIOs to help them manage and grow their IT departments. The article, published at MRC-productivity offers tips from several successful IT professionals. The first tip – Get on the Same Page – is the perfect place to start. No IT department can be an island unto itself if it wants to truly support the needs of the company.

“…communication lies at the foundation of many business problems. If the business and IT department aren’t on the same page, or don’t communicate constantly, IT cannot possibly drive business.

 “To ensure the IT department runs as efficiently as possible, they must be in lockstep with the business’s goals and needs,” says Jed Pillion, Managing Director of IT at The Execu|Search Group. “If the department is not educated on the firm’s strategy it will be impossible for them to efficiently deliver solutions.”

How can IT and business get on the same page? While improving communication and alignment isn’t a simple fix, JJ DiGeronimo, a Technology Executive, Author, Entrepreneur & STEM Advocate, shares a great tip that’s sure to help: Create working groups outside of IT.

“Create working groups that include key teams outside of IT – such as legal, finance, procurement and marketing,” she says. “This often streamlines project completion and buy-in.”

Coming together, across departments, to develop and grow the IT function of the company is a win/win for the entire organization.

The other five tips are:

  • Adopt a start-up mentality
  • Keep your focus on the right place
  • Keep learning
  • Treat your staff well
  • Put right tools in place

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