Give Your Presence This Holiday

Have you read the book The Present by Spencer Johnson?

In the book readers are taken on a journey to discover what the greatest present is only to find out (spoiler alert) that the best gift is the Present – the here and now – this very moment.

This is the time of year when we get so caught up in the holiday festivities, decorating, shopping, singing, baking, wrapping gifts all added to our already over flowing plate of responsibilities and we can miss out on what is really important.

Driving through a small Northeastern town this past week I drove past a church that had a sign that said “Share Your Presence.”

Read it quickly and it sounds like one more gift you have to buy, however, read it literally and you realize that the best gift of all is being present in the present moment.

In other words, take deep breath, set aside the long list of “shoulds” and just enjoy those around you and allow them the opportunity to enjoy you.

Does this sound familiar – the house filled with friends and family and you are in the kitchen up to your elbows in some great food creation while the real gift of the day is happening in the living room or around the dining table.  Without you.

Consider a different picture – the house is filled with friends and family and you have ordered Chinese take out and a pizza and are sitting in the middle of your loved ones, laughing and singing, sharing stories and making memories.

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is the gift of your presence. Hopefully you will make sure that those you love get plenty of YOU this holiday season!