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I have found so many women gaining personal value from the exercises and worksheets included in The Working Woman’s GPS.  As a gift to you, in just a few minutes, you too can download & benefit from this 13 page workbook the Personal Inventory Guide; an inventory of the people and energy in your life.

We begin here because your relationships are a view into who you think you are and what you think you deserve.

Initially, I made the mistake of thinking I didn’t need to do a personal inventory. I overlooked this crucial step, so I know you too may be tempted to leap into decisions and actions before identifying the full scope of your current situation.

I feel so strongly about the benefits of the People and Energy inventory guide that I want every woman to have a copy and so I’m giving it away free.  Click on the Personal Inventory Guide link to hear a short video from me, then enter your primary email and I’ll send the inventory guide to you right away.

This is the first of five inventories. Be honest with yourself as you create and organize your inventory. The information you capture here will be a foundation from which the rest of your self discovery will stem.

Consider this self-inventory as important as one of your most significant projects at work, at home, or in the community. In fact, this inventory is most essential because it impacts every other aspect of your life.

Write it down your answers so you can study them and use them as a tool to ignite your circle of influences and catapult your journey.

Let me know what you discover.  I’d love your feedback.  Email me, comment below or let us know on the Facebook page.  When you’ve completed the inventory guide what surprised you?