February 8 is Annual Reading Day

I am in Northeast Ohio and February 8th has been designated as an Annual Day of Reading. The Akron Public Library has set aside that day to invite families to spend 30 minutes reading; alone or together.

Here is more information on the Annual Day of Reading to make Akron Ohio/Summit County the World’s Capital of Reading. The goal is to have 100,000 people signed up to read and as of today, February 6, they are just over 93,000 readers.

I don’t live in Ohio, you say. True, but the point is the value of reading. With so many electronic distractions, we need to make sure we are instilling a love of reading in our children. As adults, we need to make sure we continue to carve out time in our day to read; non-fiction or fiction.

Reading gives us the opportunity to venture to new lands, be inspired by another’s story or just have fun. Do you still find time to read for enjoyment?

Reading is also a great way to connect with your children. When they are young, you can read aloud together. However, once they hit their teen years, consider asking them for reading recommendations. Read the same books they are reading for English class. It opens the door for interesting and enjoyable conversations.

Consider seeking out a book group so that your reading can become a social event.
Share your reading recommendations on your LinkedIn business page. Reading is a great way to connect and network.

And if you are in Ohio – consider joining in the National Reading Day this Wednesday.  By the way, if you are looking for a book to read, check out my book The Working Woman’s GPS: when the plan to have it all has led you astray.