Empowering Women a Theme at the 87th Oscars

Last night the best of the best in Hollywood came together to recognize the top performances of the year at the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony. There were some surprises and those that were expected to win but something that wasn’t expected was the fact that some winners used their time at the podium to share their views on issues important to them.

One theme? Women’s Rights.

Starting with the red carpet, Reese Witherspoon started off the night with the hashtag #AskHerMore. Rather than just focus on the clothes and jewels of the women on the carpet, Reese was asking reporters to dig deeper and ask the women more important and in-depth questions. From a BBC article on the subject, we learn a little bit more about the #AskHerMore movement:

 Ask her about the causes she supports, not her support garments

The hashtag is the work of a campaign started last year by The Representation Project, a group devoted to ending gender stereotyping in film. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an online community founded by the comedian to encourage discussion among young women, has pushed the hashtag forward in the run up to this year’s Oscars.

Reese Witherspoon, who has been nominated for Best Actress for her role in Wild, helped to elevate the trend when she posted a photo featuring a montage of several suggested questions on Instagram.

“This is a movement that says we are more than our dresses,” she said on the red carpet.

Reese questions

The idea behind the movement was to separate women from their attire and focus on them as individuals.

Later in the evening, Patricia Arquette used part of her time when accepting the well deserved honor of Best Supporting Actress to talk about two passions of hers:

Here is her acceptance speech – at :49 she begins her passionate speech for empowering women.

“It’s our time to have wage equality and equal rights for women once and for all.”

Merle Streep’s response was epic!


It was exciting to see the women we admire in Hollywood leading the cause for the empowerment of women! Great night. Congratulations to all of the winners.