Elinor Otto, Oldest Working ‘Rosie the Riveter’

Elinor Otto made a guest appearance on Ellen. Elinor continues to work on the manufacturing line, wielding a riveter for a job that she has worked in since she was 21….72 years ago!

Yes, Elinor is 93 years old – the oldest of the original Rosie the Riveter girls having started her job during WWII when the men were off to war and the ladies had to help out.

Ellen asked if it was hard to work next to the men on the line and Elinor said that the girls had to try harder because the men expected them to fail. Not only did they succeed, but in many cases they surpassed their men co-workers.

I hope her spirit inspires you to look at your day with more joy. She is amazing. She is clearly blown away by the attention because as she says “it’s really nothing, it is just what I do.”

You go Elinor!