Don’t Talk About It – BE About It

Candace Benson, a woman in tech and founder of Camp Tech recently made this statement when talking about having a professional vision, “Don’t talk about it…BE about it.”

What does that mean to you? To me, it means that I need to  stop procrastinating and start taking action. For some reason, this simple quote from Candace really struck a chord of honesty with me. So often we will have an idea and we run it by our friends and family. We want to examine it from every angle. We seek confirmation from our peers that the idea is a good one. We spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and talking and very little time actually making the idea come to life.

Even deeper, I believe Candace’s quote means that we need to become the idea. Live it, breathe it, exude it. 

At a networking lunch yesterday a gentleman shared a story of a young man who was the chef at a restaurant in NYC. The meal was fantastic and the chef was complimented exceedingly. When asked about his culinary training, he admitted to having gone to college to study graphic design and that cooking was just a hobby. But he had such a passion for food that it became his life’s work. 

That story reminds me of the book Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow.

When we have passion for an idea or an occupation, and if we allow ourselves to follow that dream and actually have it BECOME who we are…success is bound to follow. Following is a little sample of what this book is about from the Amazon description:

Marsha Sinetar’s book, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow seeks to answer the inter-related questions why we do what we do and why we do not do what we love by going deeper than the superficial reasons almost always given as answers to these questions. Ms. Sinetar states right in the beginning that the money may not materialize immediately, and maybe not at all. For those of us who were not born with a strong character, it takes real courage to act on what we value. Those that are truly successful achieve not only because they love what they do and are good at what they do, they consistently achieve great things because they have the courage to act on their convictions.

The have the “courage to act on their convictions” is a strong statement. People don’t fall into great wealth or success. It isn’t luck that makes for a leader in the industry. It is courage and hard work, risk taking, perseverance and a willingness to BE about it.

What have you been talking about lately? How can you become the idea rather than just talk about it? What will you BE about?