Do You Need a Little Cheering Up?

If you are feeling a little down and could use a little cheering up, take heed from Mark  Twain who said:

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”

Have you ever started your day in the dumps, pasting on a fake smile just to get through the morning? Your fake smile illicits real smiles from co-workers, tollbooth operators and fast food clerks and soon your fake smile is genuine.

The same can be said for turning the focus off your own woes and looking to cheer up someone else.

Not long ago a friend of mine took her teen to a church event in which a group of people went to a soup kitchen in Akron to help serve food. It was early on a Saturday morning and everyone was needing a strong cup of coffee to wake up and face the day. However, within minutes of walking in the door of the soup kitchen and facing a line of people so needy, my friend, her teen and the others from church were caught up in the opportunity to give back.

Those in line were grateful and shared their smiles and my friend tells how she was overwhelmed with happiness. The opportunity to serve those less fortunate, to have conversations with people really not that different except that life had handed them a challenge, the warmth and friendship she gave and received was more than enough to cheer her up for the day and the week. She couldn’t wait until it was her turn to go back and continue to help out.

Need a little cheering up? Look around you…who could you help to cheer up? I guarantee you’ll quickly be caught up in the joy of the moment and be cheered yourself.