Do You Have Holiday Goals?

I was reading a post at Fit Bottomed Girls recently, and there is a survey asking about your goals for this holiday season.  Jenn asks if you are planning on losing weight, maintaining your weight or throwing healthy eating and exercise out of the window until January.  I took the survey and then received the results thus far. Interestingly 47% said they planned on LOOSING WEIGHT during the holiday.

Do you find that as amazing as I do?

With all of the stress and added obligations and tempting treats and a whole host of parties, that almost half of the participants thought they would try to loose weight astounds me.  I say – “go for it!”

I think the important part of Jenn’s article is the idea of having goals in the first place. So often we just power through the holidays and then face the ugly music at the scales and credit card balances after the fact. This holiday, if we start the month making a concerted effort to set goals both for health and spending, we will not only enjoy the holidays more, we’ll have less to feel guilty about after.

Another challenging area during the holidays is the stress associated with family relationships. Why we experience more drama at this time of the year than any other is beyond me and yet it is a fact. Not all holidays are the Norman Rockwell picture perfect experience. If you have a family that leans toward the Kardashians during the holidays, help yourself by creating some coping strategies for enjoying yourself and your family.

Everyday Health offers six suggestions for dealing with family stress during the holidays. Number six is the fact that you may be single. Although I am married, I have friends who are single and like it that way. Purposeful Women create their own perfect life and that doesn’t always agree with what other family members may expect. Check out the article so that you can be prepared this holiday.

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