Do You Have Freedom?

On this Independence Day we give thanks to those that have and continue to make it possible for us to have our freedom. Those that have come before – paving the way for us to enjoy the life we currently have. Those that serve our country and keep us safe and protected – we lift them up and say thank you.

However, there is another way to think about our freedom and whether or not we truly free “free.”

I recently received a newsletter in which the author, Debra Stangl, talks about the Deliciousness of Freedom.

She asks the question – do you feel free to live the life you want to live or are you hampered by other’s opinions and feel forced to live the life someone else controls? She says:

I love the 4th of July because it truly is about independence and it always makes me really think deeply about freedom and independence. And I don’t mean the political kind (although that certainly makes all the rest of it possible). I mean the true freedom and independence to live our lives the way we want to live them. 

And the sad thing for me is that almost everyone I talk to tells me they can’t live their life the way they truly want to. And they always have someone else that is the reason for why they can’t. It’s usually a spouse, or partner, or girlfriend/boyfriend,  child, a boss, a parent or someone else. Another person who is making it “impossible” for them to live the way they want to live. 

Guess what? It’s just not true. While it is true that we have responsibilities to other people, it’s your choice whether you allow other people to control your life. 

So I invite you, on this Independence Day, to examine your life; are you free to live the life you want or are you allowing others to dictate your direction? 

How can you change your current day to day so that you are freer to do what you want? Does it mean delegating? Asking for help? Seeking new ventures?

Today as we celebrate the freedom and independence of our country, let’s also each celebrate our own freedom to chose the best life we can imagine!