Do You Have Clout?

If you are a faithful user, or even an occasional user of Twitter, you may be familiar with the measurement tool called Klout. The correct spelling of this word is CLOUT and the dictionary defines it as:

Informal. pull; strong influence; muscle, especially political power:

a wealthy campaign contributor with clout at city hall.
Using the definition of “clout” as having strong influence, Klout developed a tool that measures your ability to influence or impact the lives of those who read your social media comments. The higher your score, the more Klout (clout) or influence you have.
Their tagline is: The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content.
Before you say yesIn my e-book Before You Say Yes, there are worksheets to help you determine your area of expertise over which you have the ability to influence and impact the lives of others. In a recent article by  , she asks a great question:
You May Lead, But Do You Influence?
Her article addresses the fact that although a company may be known for sustainability or leaning in or greening the environment, it is people that consumers want to connect with.
Andrea suggests that with the availability of social media (on our computers, tablets and mobile devices) we can easily lead or join a conversation with others within our industry and those we seek to do business with. 
This effort leads to the ability to influence, going back to the measurements that Klout offers Twitter users. 
Sahana Ullagaddi, Social Media Lover and user of Klout has this to say:
You understand that your online presence can really help your offline career. Whether you’re a marketer analyzing Super Bowl ads, an investor posting about Bitcoin, or a software engineer explaining the newest technologies, you grasp the power of thought leadership to improve your career.
Andrea ends her article on leadership and influence in the sustainability arena by saying:
Social media engagement is a powerful way to develop human-to-human (H2H) influence that only enhances perceived corporate leadership in any industry.
This is true for business leaders and owners but it is also true for the Purposeful Woman looking to make a name for herself, to make a difference in her circle and to have her name associated with the idea of being an influencer…someone with Clout! 
Question for you:
How are you using social media to create a name for yourself?
Are you participating in Twitter, sharing your thoughts, asking questions, joining conversations and sharing links to other news?
Are you taking advantage of the new LinkedIn Influence feature that allows you to write blog articles that will be cataloged under your name? Here is a comment from the latest article on being an Influencer on LinkedIn:
For successful marketing on LinkedIn, you want to position yourself as a thought leader and go-to resource within your industry and with your target markets. Sharing relevant, high quality content published by the influencers you follow on LinkedIn is a great way to do that. As you consistently showcase great content to your connections, you will build trust and influence with your target audience.
Social media offers a variety of simple and free ways to have influence and impact within your world. I encourage to start today by selecting one vehicle and becoming consistent at sharing content and connect with those in your industry.  You might start by following one or more of the top 150 Influencers on LinkedIn.