Do Bare Arms and Stiletto Heels Say ‘Professional’ To You?

Have you noticed an increase in women’s biceps/triceps being shown on serious news shows lately? Michelle Obama has made it a regular style choice to wear outfits that showcase her beautiful arms; part of her health initiative. And we all envy and some strive to achieve a similar lack of jiggle with a healthy diet and exercise.

But I ask you; when a woman and man sit on a panel together to share the nightly news, why is the man in a suit and the woman look like she just came from a cocktail party?

In a recent article called “Meet the Undressed – Newswomen on TV” reporter Froma Harrop  shares her views on the great difference between men’s attire and women’s on serious news programming.

News executives and their stylists are pressuring smart women to serve cheesecake with the expertise — and justify the ugly business as evidence of gender equality: Ladies, you don’t have to prove anything anymore, so forget about those ’80s power suits and wear whatever party dress you want to on “Meet the Press.”

“Ten years ago, professional dress meant a Talbots suit for women,” the head of a marketing firm that consults with news networks told The Washington Post. Things have changed for the better,” he said. “The audience has equal regard for female and male anchors. It’s given women far more liberty to be feminine.”

A crock.

If no one has to prove anything, why doesn’t David Gregory wear a cut-off T-shirt and flip-flops?

How do you feel about this difference in professional attire? Have you noticed a difference? Does it impact the impression you have of a woman’s ability to deliver hard-hitting news while in a sleeveless frock?

How about in your work place? With business casual all the rage, have women taken it to the extreme and therefore run the risk of decreasing their stature as an executive?

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If you want to try for arms like the First Lady – here is the exercise routine that she does.