Did You Hear About Women’s Equality Day?

August 26 was a day set aside to celebrate a women’s right to vote and have an equal say in our country’s government. It also speaks to our right to be treated equal to men. Hmmm.  So equal job opportunities, equal pay, equally taken seriously in the boardroom, equal division of labor on the homefront with cleaning, cooking, shopping and raising our children.

Okay – maybe not really equal.  However, August 26 was an important day for working women.

On August 26, 1920 congress passed the 19th Amendment allowing women the right to vote. It was a huge step in our favor and still remains an important day in history. In 1971 Representative Bella Abguz initiated a ruling that set this day aside as Women’s Equality Day to help remind us that we weren’t always considered an equal and important part of this country.

It has been almost 100 years since that law was passed and when you look at how far we have come – it truly is amazing:

15 of the Fortune 500 companies have women as CEO’sbusiness have an ownership that is 50% or more women

1 in 5 businesses that earn over $1 million in revenue are owned by women

Women owned business employs more than 13 million people and is thought to generate over $1.9 trillion in sales

For the complete article visit Random Forest – Women in Business.

The University of Illinois Library provides a timeline of the history of women in government that is quite interesting. There were actually women voted into government BEFORE we were given the right to vote. Check it out.

Last Friday, Maid Brigade is hosting a live chat with women around the country to talk about this special day, how far we’ve come and how we manage the daily struggle of worklife balance.  The call was from 12-1pm edt. We have a voice!  Let’s celebrate our right to use it.

For some shocking and sad stats about women in the business world, check out this article. Be prepared- it isn’t pretty.