Determining Your Focus for the New Year

It is that time. A time when we are drawn to review the year gone by and look forward to what the new year has to offer. Rather than just take it as it comes; Purposeful Women have determined that the best way to be successful is to pick their focus.

Chris Brogan, business owner and marketer started a process many years ago where he selects three words to determine his focus for the new year. He started the process in 2006 with the three words: 

Do – Ask – Share

He uses the three words to determine his daily focus, his calendar, his projects and the direction of his business. Here are the instructions from Chris about how to select three words for your new year:

Lots of people pick words that remind them to take a certain action, or to be a certain way. Over the years, I’ve used both methods. Sometimes, my words are a verb. Other times, they’re a bit more complex. The idea is to use the words as triggers for actions you intend to take, and maybe other actions you seek to avoid.

Maybe you want to publish your first book in 2014. That might make one of your words “published.” But the question is, will that remind you DAILY to take an action? Maybe you make the word “300,” as in “write 300 words a day, every day, with no excuses.” See how that works?

Choose three words that reflect every aspect of your life, if you can. If you work too hard on work, your home life and/or your health might suffer. Can you be more holistic in your choices? Maybe the same “300” that reminds you to write your words will elicit the “300” movie, with Spartan warriors, more abs than you can count, and a strong reminder to hit the gym every day. See? Now you’re covering two bases with one word. Heck, maybe you can write your significant other and/or your kids 300 little notes throughout the year to show you love them. Wow! That means you’ve got three parts of your life covered!

In the last couple of days of 2014, as you reflect on the past year and determine your focus for the coming year, what will your three words be? 

Deborah Chaddock Brown, friend and colleague has already selected her three words and has offered to share them and her thought process to give you a little example.

“I will be moving my business and home from Ohio to Arizona at the end of the coming year and so that process has to be a priority in my focus for the year. It is also the last year of my youngest child’s high school career – certainly a time to celebrate, but also as a single mom, a little bit emotional. So taking those things into consideration, my three words for the new year are:

Joy – Portable – Move

Joy.  I want to make sure that I take the time to find the joy in all that we will be doing in our home and in my business. It is easy to get caught up in the stress of a big move, a child going to college and the thought of all I’ll be leaving behind after 17 years in one location. So I want to make sure that I remember to find joy in each action – each day.

Portable. I am a small business owner and I want to continue to serve my existing customers so I want to make sure that what I offer them is portable. I also will be starting over in Arizona so the more of my business that is portable the easier it will be to blossom in a new location. I am also downsizing from a 3,000 square foot home to a 1,200 square foot home –  so I need to make sure my belongings are portable and only those that bring me JOY will be transferred.

Move. Obviously, my move and my daughters from high school to college are the reason for this word. However, as a writer, I sit all day. I need to make movement a priority in my daily life.”

So you can see how she is taking what will be happening in the new year into consideration for her three words. What is on your plate in the new year? Do you have something significant like a high school graduation, a company acquisition, a move? Are there health considerations for you or a loved one that you will need to concentrate on? Is there something new that you have wanted to learn, an adventure you’ve wanted to take or a new industry you want to pursue?

Take all of these things into consideration when you are selecting your three words for 2015. We invite you to share your words with us on our Facebook page.