Dawn Berryman of Market Mommy is a Purposeful Woman

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Dawn is the founder and editor of the popular blog Market Mommy. I would  encourage to you read more on Market Mommy. Dawn has created a wonderful blog and website dedicated to working mothers around the globe who are looking for kindred spirits to share news and information and to encourage each other.

Dawn began as a business owner in 2006. She has a bachelor’s degree in English, communications and journalism. She has worked in the field of marketing and public relations for the past several years. Currently, she works as a specialist in the non-profit sector.

A big thank you to Dawn for reading and writing a review about my book, The Working Woman’s GPS: when the plan to have it all has led you astray.

She does a great job of summarizing the book in this comment:

She has us start by taking inventories of our lives. By making lists of the people, energies, assets, resources, dreams and desires in our life and how each make us feel, DiGeronimo helps the reader prioritize and recognize feelings we otherwise may have overlooked.

Through this process it becomes obvious that some things {or people} may need readjusted when it comes to priority on our to-do list. The recurring theme of the book is how to untangle all of our life’s many threads. Raising a family, having a career, pursuing our dreams can all be very overwhelming and the day-to-day can be very harried. But, believe it or not, there is a way to achieve our goals in a peaceful way. DiGeronimo teaches us how to utilize the people in our lives, our assets and resources to achieve what it is that we truly desire.

Check out her full review at Market Mommy.

If you have read the book The Working Woman’s GPS and would like to write a review on your blog – please let us know and we’ll spotlight you on Purposeful Woman.

Thanks again, Dawn!