Crossing the Finish Line

Have you  dreamed of achieving a BHAG? Big Hairy Audacious Goal? Cassie Schumacher of Akron Ohio set out to ride her bicycle 3,000 miles across the country to raise awareness and funds for Pedal for Heroes, an organization that is dedicated to help veterans returning from war adjust back to a normal life. Click here to read the press release published before she began the race: Woman Racing Across America.

As she pedaled across the country this spring, supporters, friends, family and veterans followed her progress on Facebook, her blog and via local news stations that met and supported her efforts starting June 11 when she began her journey.

Schumacher became an advocate for veterans’ issues when her father, a Vietnam veteran, chose to become homeless in part due to PTSD. She is devoted to the effort of helping thousands of veterans, returning home from war, to readjust back into society.

“I’m pushing the limits of my abilities to bring awareness to the needs of our nation’s veterans,” said Schumacher, one of only five women who are racing RAAM solo. “I want to prove that it is possible to overcome huge obstacles to be the change you want to see in the world.” By representing Pedal For Heroes in her RAAM solo race, she hopes to inspire support for returning veterans. (read the complete story here)

Cassie You are Amazing! What a way to honor our Vets, not to mention being the best athlete I can think of. 3000 miles in 12 days…You make the Energizer Bunny look like a slug.

With 89 hours to spare, Cassie crossed the finish line today, successfully completing her BHAG!

It has been amazing to watch the support and encouragement that her followers have shared over the past 13 days. People who don’t even know each other, learned of her fantastic goal and jumped on the band wagon to offer her support.

Question for you: as you are thinking about your big goals – do you give consideration to what you’ll feel like after you accomplish it? So often we are stopped by the enormity of the goal, taking that first step seems like jumping into a canyon; insurmountable, terrifying, impossible.

I don’t personally know Cassie, but I have to believe that as passionate as she is about her cause, she had fears and doubts, not only before making the commitment to ride 3,000 miles but even as she pedaled our great country. And yet she carried on.

And now, this afternoon, she is surrounded by well wishers and soaking up the joy and exhilaration of having successfully crossed the finish line of her BHAG.

Imagine what that must feel like for just a moment. Breathe it in.

Now think about the goal you have – that big one – that seemingly impossible one that has picked at the back of your brain for years and yet because of fears or insecurities or second guessing, you have yet to take that first step, pedal that first rotation.

Take out a piece of paper and write that goal down. Use a colorful pen, big block letters; don’t be wimpy about it – right down that goal with force and conviction. What is it?

  • Finally finish college
  • Learn to speak Italian and then live in Rome for a summer
  • Adopt a baby
  • Learn a new career
  • Kayak down the Mississippi
  • Loose weight

What is the first thing you need to do? Gather information? Research the cost? Look for kindred spirits who can help support you emotionally (and maybe financially)?

Take one step today in honor of the huge achievement Cassie Schumacher has made on all of our behalf’s. She has faced a BHAG and crossed the finish line. Let’s help her celebrate by taking the first step towards our own goal.

Additionally – visit her site Wheels 4 Change to learn more and see how you can also help veterans returning home be welcomed, supported, served and treated like the Heroes they are!

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