Creativity – A Key to Success

Just how creative are you? By creative, I don’t just mean with arts and crafts but also with your view-point? Can you call on your creative skills to help look for alternative ways to solve a problem, to complete a task, to work with your team?

Melanie Duncan just created a Checklist to Creativity that is worth reviewing. Her checklist offers 10 ways to become more creative, as you can see from the image at the top of this article.

One of her suggestions is to network with people outside your industry. This is great advice and will provide an opportunity to learn new things and meet people you wouldn’t normally meet at your local chamber or industry gathering. Norma Rist, a business coach in Akron has challenged herself to attend one new networking event each quarter and has successfully kept this goal alive for more than a decade. Does she feel uncomfortable? Yes. Has she met some incredible people? Absolutely.

Most organizations and associations will allow you to attend at least once without being a member. Visit LinkedIn or Meet Up to find events in your area that may be outside your normal stomping ground. Make a commitment to yourself to attend one and see what happens. Part of the journey to becoming your most successful self is to stretch beyond your norm. This is a great way to creativity broaden your horizons.