Create a Personal Word Cloud

You have heard about creating a visioning board, something tangible that has pictures of your goals and dreams, right? If you haven’t created one, it is a great exercise, one that you will refer to over the years and often be surprised by how many of the dreams come true.

I want to offer a more tech savvy option for those of you that like an image on your computer or saved to your phone. Tagxedo is a free word cloud creator that allows you to type in a string of words or use a favorite website or blog or Twitter feed as inspiration.

The image above was created from this website – the words that we use most often, the thoughts, goals and things that are the most important rise to the top and pop out at you. 

If you like visual reminders of what your goals are, consider creating a personal word cloud. We invite you to visit our Facebook page and share your word cloud!