CONTEST: Showcase Your Inspiring Actions to WIN $100 for You and $100 for Your Charity!

When we read about an inspirational woman, it often motivates us to further strive to make a difference in our own lives.

When starting Purposeful Woman, I was eager to create a more positive energy around me since I too was a woman struggling to have it ALL.  I thought there may be better ways to prosper than by overextending, overworking and overdoing.  With eagerness to showcase women that create a life that ignites action, drives purpose and generates results to empower women worldwide, Purposeful Woman was born. 

Now with over 900 viewers, we would like to shine a spotlight you!  How do you utilize your assets, your talents and skills to become a positive catalyst for change in yourself and in the world?

For the month of April we would like to invite you to share your story so other woman can be inspired by your actions.  “Likes” will be the primary determiner of the winner who will receive a gift card and a donation for their online charity of choice. 

How to Post Your Story Between April 5 and April 30, 2011, visit Facebook and go to the Purposeful Woman page. Start a discussion with “My Purposeful Woman Story” and tell the story of how you inspire yourself and the people around you in the comment section. Please limit your story to 250 words.

Who Will Win? Invite your friends and family to visit the Purposeful Woman Facebook page and “like” your story.  Voting concludes April 30 and we’ll determine the winner based on the number of “like” (votes) your Purposeful Woman story receives and if needed, a subjective determination by the staff of Purposeful Woman.  Winners will be announced on Purposeful Woman and our Facebook fan page on  or before Friday May 13th.

 What do They Win?  We’ll select the top three stories and each will receive a featured story on Purposeful as well as the following celebration gifts:

 1st Place          $100 Amazon card     $100 to your favorite charity!

2nd Place         $75 Amazon card       $  75 to your favorite charity!

3rd Place          $50 Amazon card       $  50 to your favorite charity!

 *****Please select a charity that accepts online donations*****

 Please note: No soliciting products or companies – any story that is a sales pitch will be deleted. Any story that contains adult content or socially unacceptable content will be removed. Purposeful Woman reserves the right to remove a story at their discretion if it is deemed inappropriate.

 Winners Can’t be Shy! The three winning Purposeful Women must be willing to be interviewed by our editorial staff (over the phone and/or via email), provide a photo and may also offer URL links back to their site or fan page in their spotlight article.

 Purposeful Woman will have the right to showcase the stories (giving credit) as part of the blog content on Purposeful

 Looking forward to celebrating all the Women of  Purpose that come together through this community! 

 We invite you to visit Purposeful Woman on Facebook and share your story today!