Clap Along and Be Happy

What better way is there to start the day than with a smile? Listening to the new Pharrell Williams’ song Happy is such a joyful piece of music that it is really hard to listen to it without smiling.

So today – let’s just be happy. Just cuz. What is the alternative?

Christina Nelson is a Happiness Coach and she offers 14 benefits of being happy. Aside from the obvious that you just FEEL better, here is another great benefit:

Your body heals itself – When happy, your body produces endorphins and other chemicals that help your body repair and heal on its own. There are a multitude of stories of people who have had “miraculous” healings. Often the body has even healed or eliminated cancer or other diseases that doctors couldn’t cure. Science has proven that when fear and doubt are eliminated it gives the body a better chance to heal itself.

Let’s spread the happiness. Happy employees are loyalty, productive and call in sick less. David Meilach, a business writer, offers 11 great suggestions for keeping your employees happy. Here is just one easy tip:

Offering a bonus is another way for companies to keep their employees happy. Sixty percent of workers in a recent survey said they would be happy with an end of year bonus of just $25. Respondents said that receiving a bonus showed them they were valued, increased their loyalty to an organization and made them want to work harder.

“This is positive news for employers still struggling in the tough economy, because it reveals simple ways that they can keep employees loyal and thereby maintain a productive and competitive business,” said Juli Spottiswood, president and CEO of Parago, an incentive consulting firm that conducted the research.

Being happy doesn’t just make for happy workers it is also a great health benefit. In an article from the medical professionals at ABC News, here are the results of some of the research into happiness:

Happiness has been correlated with better health, both in individuals and communities.  Some studies have even suggested that states of happiness may be associated with lower stress-related hormones and better immune function. @krash63 pointed out that “there’s a growing body of evidence of well-being [as] a protective health factor and a predictive health factor”, and @renjain agreed that “happier people can live longer, healthier lives.”

Moreover, Dr. Malissa Wood of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston noted that “Women in a Happy Heart Study became happy and content while improving heart risk.”

Data show that positive mood, optimism and humor are linked to better health and well-being.

 So what makes you happy?

The Happiness Project has created a survey that you can take which will assess you current level of happiness. Click here to take the Happiness Survey.


You may be surprised by the results. If you are struggling to find happiness – what are some things (or people) that bring you the most joy? Is there a way to incorporate more of what makes you happy into your day? 

We only go around once – make sure your journey includes happiness.