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by when?

Considering a Career Change? By When?

By when will you make the change? Dave Munson, founder and owner of Saddleback Leather, asks his team members two important words: “by when?” In a recenter interview published in Forbes, Kevin Kruse asks Munson to share his best advice for those starting their leadership journey. Munson: This is great. This is really an easy one, okay? But it’s […]

career strategy

Hope is Not a Career Strategy

Hope is not a career strategy.  Anything worth achieving is worth working for so don’t leave it to chance, be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself. Is what I have achieved the “All” I really want? Why am I here? We’ve all asked at one time or another. We begin to ask ourselves […]

break barriers

Break Barriers: How Far Are You Willing to Push Yourself?

How far are you willing to go to break barriers in your career path? I was reading through a list of quotes by women leaders and entrepreneurs that inspired me to think about the power of breaking through barriers. This quote from the CEO of TaskRabbit is what got me thinking: “I wake up every […]

How Often Do You Say “I should…”

Living our lives by what we should or shouldn’t do can be limiting. Shoulds have emotion attached to them. Shoulds are connected with the inner voice reminding us of other’s priorities, expectations or vision. Lisa Marie Jenkins asks the question “What if every time you said ‘I should,” you actually did?” An interesting question.  She […]

What Kind of Life Makes You Jealous?

Facebook is a great place to find articles that have been shared. The more the article title/content resonates with people, the more times it is shared or commented upon. One example is an article entitled 30 Questions to Ask Before You Die.  I have to be honest, the title was off-putting. It is like the […]

What Will You Call into Being This Year?

Scrap the idea of new year’s resolutions that focus on the negative that you must give up but rather focus on what you will add. What new focus will you endeavor? Which direction with you travel? In a recent article entitled A Revolution in Resolutions, the idea is to fill your clean slate with positive […]