Can’t Say No? Say YES + Ask!

We’ve talked about the fact that purposeful women have a difficult time saying no. No is so negative. No draws a line in the sand. No cuts off conversation and maybe even relationships.

So why not say yes?

Here are three ways to say yes when you really need to say no:

  • Yes – I am happy to take on that extra task, boss. Help me prioritize my current tasks and let me know what I should remove from the list to accomplish this new project.
  • Yes, I’d love to help your charitable organization as soon as I’ve completed my obligation with the “x” foundation. In the meantime, you might consider asking “name a purposeful woman who needs the exposure and opportunity.”
  •  Yes, honey, I’d love to do that as long as we do it together.

Those are just three ways of being positive and saying yes when we know we need to say no. How do you handle requests that you just don’t think you can fit into the schedule? Do you say yes and cram it in – what’s one more task? Do you say no and then change your mind and help anyway? Or do you have a different way to handle the situation? Share your thoughts and tips!