Breast Cancer Awareness and Hot Guys

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – a month dedicated to reminding women, and men, the importance of self examination and regular doctor’s exams. 

The National Breast Cancer Awareness month website offers great articles, tips and resources to help provide the information necessary to ensure women all over the world are caring for their help. 

Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale are dedicating the month to information and reminders to keep breast cancer in the front of our minds – prevention – is the best solution. 

But my favorite breast exam video of all time comes to us from Rethink Breast Cancer. The app for your phone (iPhone or Android) is available for free. The app is called Your Man Reminder. Here is a great video explaining the details. You may want to watch it more than once.


You are welcome.

Make sure you perform regular self exams and visit your doctor on a regular basis. Your health should be the most important thing on your “to-do” list!