Beware: If It Looks Too Good . . .

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we look for shortcuts. Ways that might feel a little iffy but someone has recommended, or it sounds good and so we take a chance.

And sometimes, those shortcuts, those things that sounds just a little too good come back and bite us – making us wish we had taken the long way out.

I once worked with someone who decided the way to lose weight was through an over the counter, caffeine infused pill rather than diet and exercise. The pill made her hyper, irritable and she nearly lost her job. Sadly, she didn’t lose the weight.

If it sounds too good to be true – there may be a reason.

I recently received an email newsletter from Pastor Hu Auburn of Linwood and he tells a similar story. He wanted to add a plant to his garden that would quickly fill in around a waterfall in his backyard. He was told about the Chameleon plant that would grow quickly. Over time, no matter what he did to deter the plant, it took over his garden and backyard. Being a Pastor, he shares a view point of his experience that is easily relateable:

How did I get into this mess?  Well, it looked good.  Someone recommended it.  But  I should have known better.  First, there is the name.  I thought it meant that it changed colors.  “How nice!”  But, instead, I am afraid it means “I will turn on you!”  And then there is the smell.  It smells bad.  My advice to you is this – “Never buy a plant that smells bad!”

So, what’s the point?   It does not take a trained theologian to see where this is going.  . . . And, the even greater tragedy is when my garden story gets played out in my life.

I see something that looks good. Somebody vouches for it.  I trust them. In retrospect I have to admit that I knew something was not quite right – something even smelled bad – but I ignored it.  At first everything seems fine.  This new thing can co-exist with the other things of my life.  No problem.  Then, usually slowly, this new thing shows it true colors.  “That’s o.k., I’ll keep it in its place,” I resolve.  But all my efforts fail.  Now, more and more of my life is in its control.  And, to my dismay, I realize that this thing that looked so good  . . . {you can fill in the blank}.

Has something taken over your life? Something that keeps you from your family, your goals, your own personal growth? If you believe in a higher power, you may want to turn your thoughts to seeking assistance from your spiritual guide. If not, you may still want to turn your concerns over to a friend, counselor, mentor, family member who might be able to help you put things into perspective.

If it looks too good…chances are it is.  We’ve all been there.  If you find yourself dealing with a similar situation and feel overwhelmed, reach out. Ask for help. 

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