Benchmarking Women’s Leadership in the United States

A White House non profit group gathered information on women in roles of leadership and although the finances to continue the group, The White House Project, dried up, the organization reviewing the stats has produced the report.

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There are a number of areas, education, publishing and college athletics in which women are soaring however in business, finance and technology we are still way behind the eight ball. 

In the image above you can see the percentage of women in leadership positions in business and technology. The really interesting stat is the fact that women managing hedge funds out perform the average hedge fund result and yet only 3% of hedge funds are managed by women. 

Do we resist have our money work for us?

As a career woman that spent years in technology it is still baffling to me that there are so few women interested in pursuing a career in technology. The opportunities are endless and as you can see by the fact that only 16.6% of leadership positions are held by women – opportunity still exists.

We may have “come a long way baby” but I would suggest that we still have a long way to go. 

What keeps women from being recognized and named for positions of leadership in business, finance and technology? 

Ready to learn a man’s point of view? Be warned, you might feel your blood pressure rise, but check out Michael D’Alimonte’s explanation of the 9 Reasons Why Women Aren’t Respected in the Workplace. (the images are enough to make you angry!)

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