Before You Say Yes

Remember when you would go to the doctor’s office for your annual physical and he’d hit your knee cap to test your reflexes? Without any effort on your part, your leg would fly up in the air. It was automatic.

Is that what happens when someone asks you to be on a committee, take on extra work, help with a charity function or pick up the dry cleaning; is your automatic reaction to say yes?

As women, we seem to use that word more than any other; certainly more than that opposite word “no.” For some reason we think that saying no is a bad thing.  Yet, what happens when we say “yes” without giving it a second thought?

Our cup runneth over – and not in a good way.

That’s why I put this new workbook together; for those of us that have trouble saying no – or even taking the time to think through a “yes” answer before we offer up our services and time.

Before You Say Yes: Getting to Your Influence and Impact Center is a small but mighty workbook that takes you through a series of questions that help you understand what a “yes” answer might mean to you, your goals, your time and your energy.

Questions like:

  • Am I the best person for this task?
  • What will suffer if I accept this project?
  • How prepared do I need to be when I show up?
  • Can I meet or exceed expectations?

For just $2.99 this workbook will help you determine if saying “yes” is right for you. Download the workbook to your e-reader or computer screen and get ready for the next time someone asks you to take on a project.

Don’t have an ereader? No problem. Here are the instructions for reading ebooks without an ereader.